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This Better Be A Saint Mister!

What do we have here?

Oh my lord, a monk has been detained in Greece after a dead nun was found in his luggage. OK, “skeletal remains”, but she was definitely dead. The monk claims he was just transferring her bones to a monastery in Cyprus because she was a saint. However it was later discovered that the nun had died about 4 years ago and was not recognized as a saint. Hmm, awkward. Despite the raised eyebrows, the monk has been released and charged with theft and desecrating the dead. Oh and suspended from his monk duties for three months.

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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

One chair fits all!

Sheez, you know when Greece is broke when their nation’s largest government health insurance provider is no longer gonna pay for special footwear for diabetes patients because its cheaper just to amputate their feet. Oh yeah, bless!


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Pot Calling The Kettle

Barclays have asked their research analysts to quit using the acronym for the five European countries Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain in their notes. Hmm, seems they have an issue with using PIIGS when referring to the five fiscally f***ed nations.


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Greek Man Caught Weeding

Everyone thought they were just weeds...hang on

Everyone thought they were just weeds...hang on

OK, you don’t own any property but you want to grow your own dope, what do you do? How’s about using a median strip on a major highway? Some enterprising dude in Katerini,Greece, grew marijuana in the 1m wide median strip of a 6 lane highway . But the guy was sprung by police as he busily harvested his 42 plant crop, which was a healthy 5.9 feet (1.8m) tall.


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