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Frog Groin Is The New Orange

France want to protect frogs, toads and newts from road fatalities

Do you WANT me to flash?

When it comes to Australian wildlife we definitely have some winners. The latest discovery includes a frog whose groin flashes orange to startle its predators and give it a chance to make a quick exit.

PSST I swear I too would run if any creature’s  groin  flashed orange … just saying.


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The Ninjas Did It

teen shot in groin says ninjas did itTelling people you were shot by  ninjas is no way to go through life son. The teen, who rocked up to hospital with a gunshot wound to his groin, originally told police he’d been shot by two men dressed as ninjas but when police found no evidence at the scene the kid confessed he had accidentally shot himself. Not cool to be telling that to your gang members.


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My, What A Suspicious Looking Groin Bulge You Have!

OK, here’s the thing dude, having an enormous groin bulge is definitely going to attract suspicion from police and a probable frisking. Officers  hit pay dirt when they decided to check the well endowed man and  found nine stolen credit cards, a loaded gun, about 180 ecstasy tablets, 28 grams of amphetamines and a large amount of cash stuffed down his undies.

Psst Yes, it was in Melbourne Fairy Face!!!


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What Are The Odds

OMG, every man’s worst nightmare happened at a woodchopping event Christchurch, New Zealand when an axehead flew off the shaft and right into a spectator’s crotch! Ouch!


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The Dangers Of Monopoly


You know what I  hate? When you are playing monopoly with a female friend late at night and you get shot in the groin. I really friggin hate that.Apparently the two were messing with a loaded handgun when kaboom, bullet to the upper left thigh, narrowly missing an artery. Go directly to jail hospital.

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Don’t Mess With The Bolivian President

Bolivian President Evo Morales kneed his rival in the balls during a supposed “friendly” soccer match. Moral of the story is don’t foul the president. Daniel Gustavo Cartagena not only got sent off after receiving the knee to the groin but was also threatened with arrest.


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Friggin Sack Tapping

Ow, ow, ow ...

No snowflakes, no. Playing “sack tapping” is only going to lead to tears. A Minnesota teenager is one testicle short after having been punched in the groin thanks to a stupid game sweeping schools. David Gibbons was changing classes when he was sack tapped (aka whacked in the balls) by another student. All seemed fine until a few hours later when he woke up in excruciating pain. Doctors were forced to remove his right testicle. Evidently this isn’t uncommon, Minnesota urologist Dr Scott Wheeler says he has to deal with up to 4 cases of ruptured testicles a year due to the ball busting game.


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Man Commits Suicide With A Jumbo Pencil

OK, here’s the thing window cleaner, committing suicide by stabbing yourself in the groin with a jumbo souvenir pencil isn’t the best way to go. Jeffrey Burton’s family are still in shock after his bizarre and unexpected death. During the inquest the coroner Alan Craze was also confused about the horrific circumstances saying “It doesn’t stack up. Something very strange has gone on.It seems to me that it can’t have been a single stab wound. He seems to have worked on it. The pencil was blunt.” Ewh ouch! Police found the body in a blood splattered room with music playing after concerned neighbors rang police. The pencil had belonged to his late mother.


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The Man’s Got Balls But No Heart

Don't know, something about nuts.

When a man tried to enter his apartment in Seattle a 52 year old man raced up to him, grabbed him by the balls and then took off with his wallet. But hang on it’s not over, the man with the bruised groin fought back and the two got into a free for all until a witness separated them. Next thing you know the old man keels over from a suspected heart attack and has to be revived by medics. Police will charge him when he recovers. Old dude 0, man with crushed nuts 0.


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She’s Just Not Into You!

Woman randomly kicking men in the testicles

She's nuts!

Testicle warning for men walking in Langley,Canada,  there is a woman on the lose randomly kicking men in the balls! No seriously, she is just some random that comes up to men in the street and kaboom, a foot straight to the groin. Anthony Clark lost one of his testicles after encountering her on the sidewalk. She kicked him so hard it sent one of his balls up into his abdomen. Doctors later confirmed it was ruptured and it had to be removed. But not to worry, he will be getting a prosthetic replacement by Christmas. Police say there have been up to 4 reported cases of men being kicked by this woman.


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