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How To Wipe The Smile Off A Bride

A bride and groom got more than bargained for when the driver of the convertible accelerated as they left their wedding….


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Whoopsie Daisy

The groom is off to a fine start ….


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Worst Way To Get Out Of Wedding

Bride 3Oh for crying out loud. A guy who panicked about his impending wedding faked his own death. OK, not so much faked it as rang his fiance, pretending to be his dad, and telling her his son had died in a car accident. Unfortunately, he hadn’t thought the plan all the way through because when his devastated fiance rang the parents to send her condolences … well you can guess the rest. Awkward.


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Marriage Doomed From The Start

You know what’s awkward? When you have just got married and are celebrating at the wedding reception when you spot a cute waitress and sneak off to the kitchen to have sex and your father-in-law walks in during the middle of it. Worse still, the irate in-law then stops the music and sends everyone home before breaking the news to his daughter. She in turn marches straight to the wedding registry office to demand a divorce, but is refused. That’s Austrian law for ya.

Psst When they finally divorced, the naughty groom married the waitress.


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Until Death Do We Part

Not too sure if the in-laws would be amused but Pat Vincent decided to arrive at his wedding in a coffin. Yes, a coffin. Then after the ceremony he jumped back into the wooden casket and was transported by train to the reception. Of course he was British, sheez!


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