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Do It Yourself Pain Management

knife3What do you do when doctors won’t fix your sore hand? Build yourself a backyard guillotine and chop it off that’s what. A British guy who had the most friggin intolerable nerve pain for 16 years decided to fix the problem by chopping his hand off after doctors failed to do it. Unfortunately the home made chopping device didn’t cut so cleanly and he had to hack the rest off with a knife. To guarantee the doctors wouldn’t stitch his hand back he built a bonfire and threw it in. After recovering in hospital he discovered, much to his torment, the pain was still there. Bummer. He is now threatening to chop the arm off at the elbow if they can’t find the cause. No Loons, he has been psychologically tested and he isn’t imagining the pain.


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Off With His Head

Ok for crying out loud Russian engineer, killing yourself with a homemade guillotine is kind of sick. The man who was recently divorced and living with his mom, locked himself in his room telling her he was building a cupboard. Hmm, little did she know! The contraption consisted of a metal plate attached to a plank and weighted down with water bottles. Urgh, it seemed to have worked because he was found jammed in it.


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