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Friggin Guinea Worms

Dear god, Sudan have friggin 3ft (1m) Guinea worms. The worm is a friggin water borne parasite that lives in contaminated drinking water. Urgh, once inside your tummy they will mate and then about a year later they will dig their way out via the skin, releasing nasty chemicals to burn through the flesh. Wait, there’s more, as they are exiting your body they spew out thousands upon thousands of larvae. Anywho, the Carter Center (founded by President Jimmy Carter) have been working in Sudan since 1989, hunting down the evil worms and it looks like, fingers crossed, they my soon have them eradicated. When they started there were over 100,000 cases of  Guinea worm infections per year, now it is down to 2,500. If they can just stop the civil wars, health workers can eradicate them even quicker.

Psst Excuse me while I go an scratch an itch!


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