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Pain In The Butt

And this weeks “accidentally shooting yourself in the backside” award goes to Johnathan Hartman. Police allege Hartman stuck  a pistol in his girlfriend’s mouth before sticking it down the back of his pants and driving off. At some stage while he was driving it went kaboom right into his bum. That’s gotta hurt.


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Man Kabooms His Balls

Oooh, nasty!

Oh dear, we have a bleeder!!! A man shopping in the Lynnwood Department store in Seattle has accidentally shot himself in the testicles. Geez, how many times do I have to tell you not to carry your friggin gun in your waistband? Police spokeswoman said he was wounded in the balls, leg and foot. Hmm, how does that work? Anywho, no word on what he was shopping for.


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