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Gold To The US

Move on folks, nothing to see here. When two reports that gunfire had been heard coming from JFK airport, all hell broke loose. Flights were diverted, people evacuated, police called in. After hours of confusion, trying to locate a gunman it was concluded that the sounds heard were not gun shots but a noisy assed crowd watching the Olympics on TV. AWKS.

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Guns and Weddings Don’t Mix

OK people, can you quit with the celebratory gunfire at weddings before someone gets …. oh never mind. At least 25 wedding guests at a Saudi Arabian wedding have been killed after gunfire brought down power lines and started a massive blaze inside a tent.


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Spanish Singer Murdered

Spanish singer Facundo Cabral (74) has been shot dead after a concert in Guatemala City. Evidentally gunmen approached his car which was being driven by his representative and opened fire on the singer. They also riddled another car which had his bodyguard inside with 25 bullets but no one was injured. Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom reacted to the news by saying “It is sad that a man who sang about love, peace and happiness has lost his life to some bastards in Guatemala.”

Psst I suspect there is more to this story. Sounds like a deliberate hit!


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