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Gunman Kills 27 People

gunman kills 27 people at connecticut schoolIt is with great sadness to report of the shooting of 27 people at a Connecticut school . Much will be said and much will be written about this senseless killing, especially of the 20 innocent children who lost their lives to one selfish individual, so all I will say is, my thoughts and prayers go out to all the families involved.  A truly sad day.


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Santa Christmas Massacre

What has the world come to? On Christmas day a man in Dallas dressed up as Santa, watched his family open all their presents and then opened fire on them all before making  911 call. When police arrived they found a pile of unwrapped presents and the bodies of seven people including Santa. Sad.


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Belgium in Mourning

A crazed gunman lobbed grenades into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in Belgian killing 6 people and injuring 123. The gunman, believed to be career criminal, Nordine Amrani, was suppose to appear in court but instead began shooting at innocent shoppers in a crowded square in Liege. Witnesses say he was firing from  the roof of a bakery before throwing three live grenades. Amrani was found dead at the scene but police are yet to determine if he killed himself or whether one of his weapons exploded. King Albert II, Queen Paola and Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo rushed to the scene on hearing the news.


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Hair Salon Blood Bath

Eight people are dead and one critically wounded after some nutter entered a hair salon in Seal Beach, California and opened fire. The unnamed man then got into his car and  drove off. He was stopped by cops about half a mile away and surrendered without incident. One witness said they believed the shooting was triggered by a custody dispute with one of the  stylists but this hasn’t yet to be confirmed. Sad.

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Oceans 0


OK loons, and I thought the dumbass of the year award had already been won! A man wearing a motorcycle helmet walks into a casino in Las Vegas and  proceeds to a craps table where he pulls out a gun and loads his backpack with over $1.5 million worth of chips before running out and jumping onto a motorcycle for his great escape. Only Prob, the dude now has $1.5 million worth of jack shit. All gambling chips are unique to each casino and he will have pretty much Buckley’s of redeeming them. Oh and if that wasn’t dumbass enough, evidently most chips in Vegas have radio frequency ID in them.  Rob a friggin bank for goodness sakes!


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Shit Happens

Man robbed while on toiletThe moral of this story is to always lock your toilet stall because you just never know when some crazed gunman might push the door open and order you to strip naked so he can steal all your money! You think I jest, well some sucker at Wiggie’s Bar had that very thing happen to him. Yep, he was minding his own business, when some crazy with a sawn off shotgun pushed open the stall and ordered him to take his clothes off. After the gunmen took the money he threw the clothes in the corner allowing the victim to return to the bar with some form of dignity to report the crime. Hmm, a bar employee has a different story claiming the victim was standing at the urinal just before the robbery. Plot thickens.

Psst Maybe it was his shout?


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Gunman in a Wheelchair Alert

And can you describe him for me madam?

And can you describe him for me madam?

Urgent news bulletin, D.C. police are looking for a gunman in a wheelchair who shot a woman in the foot. The victim said she had had a verbal with the wheelchair bound man a few weeks prior. As she got off the bus he rolled up and shot her “Didn’t say anything. Just shot her.” Hmm, so technically is this a drive-by or roll-by shooting?

Psst No need to call  Police Chief Charles Moose, I don’t think it’s a sniper type of thing.


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