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Homicide Declared After Woman Dies From 15 Year Old Gunshot Wound

Um, I don’t know how this works, but officials in Seattle have declared a homicide after a woman, who was shot 15 years ago,  died from her wound this month. Lakessha LaShawn Johnson, who was shot in 1996, was found dead in her home  from what appears to be  injuries she sustained in the 15 year old shooting incident. Police are currently trying to determine where the incident took place so they can lay charges.


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He Really Does Have Lead In His Pencil


Oh for goodness sakes how many times have I told you to keep firearms away from your genitals people? Latest victim of bullet to the balls is a 20 year old Hamilton man. Police have no idea what happened but they believe the weapon accidentally discharged kaboom straight in the genitals!


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