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Yeah, About that Emergency Alert

What could possibly go wrong with the National Emergency Alert System ? A hacker sending thousands of New Jersey residents an extreme alert text informing them to “seek shelter immediately” due to the “extreme threat to life”, that’s what! Everybody panic!!!! Residents in the Monmouth and Ocean counties were left friggin freaking, wondering what the hell it could be, while someone, somewhere was having a good old giggle. New Jersey Homeland Security later tweeted that there was  no friggin emergency…as you were. Hmm, great help for those already barricaded  in underground bunkers, huddled in the brace position .



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Did Police Really Arrest Topiary?

Oh for crying out loud, did they really think it would be that easy? Seems the British police have made a boo-boo blunder, having arrested a troll, instead of Topiary, the infamous LulzSec hacker in what they described as a “pre-planned intelligence-led operation” (LOL!). The police made the announcement yesterday that they had caught one of the brainchild’s behind the worldwide hacking ring on a remote area in Scotland. Sadly for them, they didn’t do their homework because the  real Topiary got dox-ed (identity revealed) months ago and he ain’t British. Seems there has been some bitter feuding between some of the disgruntled hackers which resulted in the top dogs being outed. But  I am so going to watch the movie when it’s made!  So who’s for Team LulzSec or Team Anonymous?

Psst I warned you boys don’t be upsetting the LulzSec! Sleep with one eye open.


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Smoke And Mirrors

Oh for crying out loud it seems one of the global hackers of Sony, Nintendo and the CIA is a 19 year old living with his mum  in Wickford, Essex. Yes you heard me his mum Essex!!! It is believed Ryan Cleary, who was arrested by Scotland Yard in a dawn raid, is part of a larger hacking gang called LulzSec which is a splinter group of Anonymous. Anywho, Cleary’s identity  may have been blown by rival hackers who deliberately published his name, address and cell phone number on the net recently. Hmm, gee, so it wasn’t complex detective work by the CIA or Scotland Yard then?  His half brother told reporters “Ryan used to be part of WikiLeaks. He has upset someone doing that and they made a Facebook page having a go at him.” Sounds more like the  hackers are  messing with them!!!

Hmm, I hope Cleary has a passport because he may be taking a trip to the US.

Psst For 10 hours after the arrest the LulzSec’s Twitter account was silent but then this appeared “Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it’s all over now… wait… we’re all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down?”  ….to be continued


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Worm Hole On Twitter

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi. Australian schoolboy Pearce Delphin (17) was behind the ‘mouse worm” that wreaked havoc on Twitter. Woohoo.For 5 hours Twitter uses were sent to porn sites, had friggin pop-ups appear when they moved their mouse or had their twitter messages automatically retweeted. Even staff at the White House and Gordon Brown’s wife were affected (like we care). Moral of the story is don’t tweet a friggin code which causes a pop-up window to appear when you move your mouse over a tweet because every porn company and Russian hacker is going to use it for evil.

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Autistic Man Hacks Into Pentagon and NASA Computers

Houston we have a problem!

Houston we have a hacker!

Gary McKinnon has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism. One of the major characteristics of this illness is an intense preoccupation with a narrow subject (obsessive behavior). Hmm, well Gary certainly has that, he has a crazy obsession with little green men.So much so that in 2002 he managed to find a way to hack into over 100 Pentagon and NASA computers using a basic computer he had borrowed, resulting in the ‘biggest military hack of all time’. He says he just wanted to find out what information the US government were hiding about aliens (don’t we all).So you would think Gary would have got himself a nice pat on the back for exposing a huge gaping hole in their security. Hmm, nope, he has been labeled a “cyber terrorist” and a major threat to national security. He is now being extradited to the US to face trial and a potential 60 year jail sentence. Geez, luckily they are closing down Guantanamo Bay!


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