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If Rapture Doesn’t Get Us The Hadron Collider Probably Will

Holy friggin particles!!!!

OK Loons hate to burst your bubbles AGAIN but remember those friggin Mayans and that whole end of the world thingy in December 2012? Yeah, that. Well, physicists say the Large Hadron Collider churning away under the ground in Switzerland is expected to solve the riddle of ‘God particle’ in late 2012.  Coincidence? I think not!

Want sauce with that?


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UFO Over Norway, Everybody Panic!

OK, Bearman hold onto your hat, UFO wormholes in Norway! They have video footage (so it must be real) of a spiraling blue light above the skies of Trondelag. Described as a “giant blue catherine wheel” it appears to anchor itself, at one stage, to the ground with a blue beam. Despite no experts or scientists coming forward to explain the strange phenomenon, Trekkies and the likes are claiming it’s those friggin aliens again entering the earth’s atmosphere through a wormhole! So I’ll be ! I wonder what they want? Ooh some are even linking this to that friggin Hadron Collider buzzing away under the earth in Geneva. Hmm, while others are taking a less hysterical approach by saying it  could be Russia missile testing or a laser bouncing off a cloud, I suspect that Kim Jong Il maybe up to something, he’s been too damn quiet of late.

Psst If you aliens are looking for Tiger, he ain’t there…yet!

UPDATE: And the winner is …. Russian rocket. The submarine-launched missile was from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea


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