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Hair Weave Hell

Maggots in hair weaveLadies you may want to give your newly purchased hair weave a once over before purchasing it. A woman in Kenya got cracking headaches after having a human hair weave fitted. What she didn’t know was that the hair was off the head of a dead person and the pain she was suffering was coming from maggots that had burrowed into her head… maggots from the corpse. Seems the maggot eggs which were in the hair hatched from the warmth of her head and well they began burrowing.


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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

OMG, this wont do!

OK, here’s the thing Monique Reed of Washington, even though your customer didn’t like the way you did her hair, you don’t go and shoot her in the back… no honey, you don’t. The whole ugly incident started over a hair weave. Lauren Newton was none too pleased about it and got into a verbal with her. Enter Ms Newton’s sister. Ms Reed claims the sister jumped her so she fired two shots, hitting Ms Newton in her lower back. Despite her claims she didn’t know a .38 caliber gun was a “deadly weapon” because it “didn’t even take her down” Reed is expected to get 5-20 years behind bars. Plenty of people to practice on in there!

Psst Lauren Newton made a full recover.


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