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That Is Using Your Head

Move over Chuck Norris we have a new macho man. Introducing Jim, the 73 year old Aussie farmer who flew over the handbars of  his motorcycle while checking his crop. When he tried to get up he realised his head wouldn’t stay up. No probs. Jim, with his floppy head, got back on his motorcycle and kept his head up by holding his hair. He made it home and called an ambulance. And that my friends is how you become a bloody legend in Oz.

PSST Jim fractured the first two vertabrae connecting his noggin and is currently wearing a halo but should make a full recovery.


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Here Comes The Bride

You know what I hate? When you go to a wedding and one of the guests sets the bride’s hair alight with a sparkler. I really hate that. All fun and games until your hair goes whoosh!!!!


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Hair Raising

hairA woman saved her friend from a death plunge by grabbing her hair as she leapt from a bridge. The poor lass was left dangling above a busy road as her mate hung on tight to her locks. Fortunately a passer-by saw the drama unfold and rushed to help pull the woman back over the railing.


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Sean Hannity’s Hair part

What’s up with Sean Hannity’s hair part? Everyday it is positioned differently on his head and I swear it is getting deeper and wider.  Is this the new “Republican Hair” ….just saying.

Sean Hannity's hair part


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When Amish Go Wild

How does a group of Amish rejects reap their revenge after they have been ousted from their community? They sneak back in and cut off the men and women’s hair, that’s how. A group of Ohio Amish misbehaviors who were shown the door are believed to behind the attacks that left men with short raggedy beards and women with hacked to hell hair. Spiteful!


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While You Were Sleeping

Quite pleased with himself!

OMG, it’s every woman’s nightmare. Crazy boyfriend decides to give his girlfriend a haircut, while she’s friggin sleeping. It all started when David Bustos and his girlfriend got into a spat and he stormed off. She wakes the next morning to find him shaving her head with electric clippers. No Bearman, I don’t have a photo of her!!!!


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Flaming Beauty

What’s hotter than a model in a spa at a Sean “Diddy” Combs party? A model with her hair alight in a spa at Sean “Diddy” Combs party. Puff Daddy indeed.  The woman accidentally leaned back into a burning candle and whoosh, a Jacksonesque moment. Usher, Fabolous, Chris Brown and Trey Songz were among the guests who witnessed the incident. I’m assuming the woman was OK.

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Hair Today Jail Tomorrow

Dude, you snip stranger’s hair on a bus and then put glue in it, that’s 2 and a bit years  jail in Oregon. Jared Walter was found guilty of third degree robbery and witness tampering  after he was caught cutting large clumps of hair off bus passengers in the Portland area and then getting friends to lie and plant evidence to mislead investigators. Sheez, 2 years huh?


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The Freeze Test

Is it true that if you go outside in very cold temperatures with wet hair it will freeze? Here’s the test and the fools that participated.

Psst Isn’t it also true that if you go outside in very cold temperatures your penis shrinks?


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The Hazards Of Being A Dog Owner

Here's a visual !

A woman who didn’t clean up her dog’s poop got a nasty surprise when a man picked it up for her and then rubbed it in her hair. The woman from Silkeborg in Denmark claims she was walking her dog home after shopping when an elderly man went ballistic, claiming her dog had shat in his garden. Next thing she knows, he’s got her by the hair and rubbing the shit in it. Dog 1, Old dude 1, Smelly dog owner 0.

Psst Mr Mills was unavailable for comment!


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