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Hairdresser Shaves ‘Fool’ Into Client’s Hair


OK here’s the thing hairdresser Michael Campbell, it isn’t wise to shave the word “fool” into the hair of a man with severe learning difficulties, even if you meant it to say “cool”. That’s an assault charge right there.
Michael Ricketts only became aware of the message shaved into his hair when the minister at his local church queried  it.


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Granny Takes A Bullet

Just don't touch my perm dear!

A 92 year old granny from Wales jumped in front of a gunman who burst into a hair salon and took a bullet to the neck. Connie, as she is known, saw Darren Williams about to shoot his estranged wife so she leaped into action to protect her hairdresser.When she was being carted away she began freaking out. She wanted to know where she was shot because she was afraid they would shave her newly done do! Mr Williams, in the meantime, ran into the woods and killed himself.


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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

OMG, this wont do!

OK, here’s the thing Monique Reed of Washington, even though your customer didn’t like the way you did her hair, you don’t go and shoot her in the back… no honey, you don’t. The whole ugly incident started over a hair weave. Lauren Newton was none too pleased about it and got into a verbal with her. Enter Ms Newton’s sister. Ms Reed claims the sister jumped her so she fired two shots, hitting Ms Newton in her lower back. Despite her claims she didn’t know a .38 caliber gun was a “deadly weapon” because it “didn’t even take her down” Reed is expected to get 5-20 years behind bars. Plenty of people to practice on in there!

Psst Lauren Newton made a full recover.


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And The Moral Of The Story?

Russian robber is sexually assaulted by hairdresserWTF, the (not so) latest news story out of Russian is about an armed robber who decided to hold up a hair dressing salon in Meshchovsk. Hmm, lets just say he left with more than a blow wave. The poor unsuspecting dude named Viktor didn’t have a clue that the owner, Olga, knew a thing or two about kung fu. So as she was handing over the money Olga… KAPOW!… karate kicked him to the ground and then tied him up with the blow dryer cord. Rather than ring the police, Olga threw him in the storeroom and told the staff she would do it later. Hmm, maybe not. It is alleged she stripped him and cuffed him in fluffy pink handcuffs to a heater, before feeding him viagra. Huh, you have this shit at a hair salon?  She then had her way with him for 4 days. When she finally released him, he dragged his sorry ass to the hospital where he sort treatment for a broken frenulum (penis) and then proceeded to the police station to fill out a rape statement.

Psst I think this is another attempt by the KGB to spread disinfo!


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