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Halloween Costume Fail

Suicide bomber foiled in Washington DCOh for crying out loud, Fort Bragg soldier…. dressing like a suicide bomber for Halloween is kinda Forrest Gump stupid. The un-named man attempted to enter the compound wearing an explosive vest, resulting in a mini alert.


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Trick Or Treat

Move on, nothing to see here. A reported woman shot dead in a sports utility in Alabama turned out to be a passed out drunken reveler in a Halloween outfit and makeup. Evidently she was covered in fake blood. Sheez, those pregnant Zombie costumes get ya every time.

Oh and speaking of Halloween, a Florida vet dressed in a tutu was arrested after he attacked a man in a wheelchair. Seems he thought the man was dressed as a disabled veteran for Halloween Hmm, nope he was actually a wheelchair-bound veteran and former Marine. Awkward.

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Halloween Costume Controversy

Seems some people have a problem with the latest  Halloween costume….introducing Anna Rexia


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Halloween Stabbing Thanks To Justin Bieber

OK here’s the thing kid, if your mommy says “No, you can’t go trick or treating dressed as a gay Justin Bieber” don’t be pulling a friggin knife on her, Bieber would not approve.The 12 year old from Surprise chucked a hell tantrum after his mother told him his Bieber costume was disrespectful, so she grounded his sorry ass from Halloweening but in response he grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. Of course she rang the police, no one puts Bieber in the corner.

Psst So how does one dress like a “gay” Justin Bieber,  pray tell?


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Halloween Prank Fail

OK, here’s the thing Halloween prankster in Atlanta, if you egg a car expect to be gunned down in a spray of bullets.Tivarus Irving was Halloweening at an intersection when he allegedly chucked an egg at a passing car. The driver  returned a little while later with a gun and shot him at least ten times.


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Didn’t See That One Coming

Hey psst Loons, never try and scare a black man…I’m just saying!


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That Ain’t A Real Knife

Man throws knife at children during HalloweenIt was bound to happen, a horror Halloween story. Take a bow Michael Mandzuick. Hmm he is charged with  allegedly throwing a kitchen knife at a group of little snowflake trick or treaters. Evidently the intoxicated Croc Dundee wanna-be decided to show the kiddies what a “real knife” looked like up close and personal. Luckily the knife landed in a wooden decking a few feet away or that would have been an early night for the little ones.


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Honey, Why Is Your Mouth Glowing?

Glowsticks cause concern for parentsAnd the winner of the most dangerous object in your Halloween bag this year goes to glow sticks. It seems chewing on the sticks was a big hit with the little snowflakes who many had confused with candy. One drug and poison center received 43 calls from concerned parents who noticed the iridescent, foul smelling liquid dripping from their children’s mouths. Despite it looking and sounding like something that could kill you, the liquid hydrogen peroxide  isn’t deadly but might give you an upset tummy and glowing lips for quite some time.


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Tinky Winky is A Felony

Purple teletubby mugs womanCanadian police are looking for an armed purple Teletubby (Tinky Winky) who held up a woman on Halloween. He was last seen waddling off with an undisclosed amount of cash in London, Ontario.The suspect is described as a 6 ft 2 ” , weighing between 200 to 240 pounds. Anyone with any info please contact BBC or police urgently.


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Boo Hoo!

Most haunted village in Britain cancels HalloweenWhen you are the most haunted village in the country it isn’t surprising the locals loath Halloween! Pluckley residents, who boast over 12 spooks, including a highwayman, ghost in a pub, a phantom monk and a hanging school master, are so tired of people invading their town and wreaking havoc during Halloween they are banning it . Move on people, nothing to see here. Talk about a dissing “There will be no barbecue, no hog roast, no beer tent, no fun fair and there will be no ghost tours. In fact, unless you are coming for a quiet drink, may we suggest you visit one of the many other attractions in Kent for Halloween.” Evidently Pluckley gets invaded by hundreds of Halloweeners each year and they are scarier than their ghosts!

Psst Don’t believe me? Check out the Pluckley Website.


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