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Halo Fail

Not all Beyonce’s fans can sing…..


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Want a Good Cry?

Having side stepped the Kanye West controversy with grace and dignity, Beyonce has taken another step to sainthood with a touching moment in Sydney. The audience was left one big blubbering mess after Beyonce serenaded Chelsea, a young girl with leukemia….watch if you dare

Psst Want to make a difference?  National Children’s Leukemia Foundation (USA), Children’s Cancer Institute Australia, Childrens Leukemia and Cancer Research Foundation (Aus) or Children With Leukaemia (UK)


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A Pool Playing Pooch

Oh for goodness sakes, now what? A friggin pool playing pooch… just what the world needs! Halo has become quite the little Pool Hand Luke with his uncanny ability to sink balls. Geez, all my dog does is lick his!


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