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Incoming Christmas Hams

We kill you

We kill you

The definition of awkward …when the United States Air Force parachutes 750 ornately decorated honey-glazed Christmas hams into assorted Pashtun tribes in an attempt to win the “hearts and minds” of the Taliban. Hmm, I might change that from awkward to epic fail as the Taliban reactions was to increase its suicide bombings. Lucky they didn’t drop crates of Budweiser as well !!!

Psst Seriously? I suspect this is a hoax story.

Want sauce with that?


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Well That’s Not Kosher

Hands up who likes pork? Hmm, thought so!

The low budget airline EasyJet, which was flying from Israel to London, offered passengers for their in-flight meals…wait for it… either ham melts or bacon baguettes. Brilliant, if you weren’t Jewish or Muslim. That would be one very long four and a half hour flight! Nice fail guys!

Psst Seems there was a mix up when loading food containers.


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