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Your Pee Don’t Stick

Only a matter of time

The city of Hamburg has come up with an ingenious way of pissing on the pissers. The walls of stink that have engulfed some popular night spots (due to men relieving themselves on them) have now been coated with liquid repellent paint. You pee on them and it comes right back at ya.


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Woman Escapes House Of Horror

OK, here’s the thing torture loving Thomas Fischer, if you are going to kidnap a woman and keep  her captive  in  your house of horrors,  it might be a good idea to remember to lock the friggin door to her cell or all your boobytrapped work will just goes to waste. The terrified handcuffed woman made her dramatic escape by diving through a barbed wired window of a house in Hamburg, Germany, after having just sprinted out of the bomb rigged, sound proofed, telephone box he had kept her in to hide her screams. When she eventually lead police back to the house they found what can only be described as a torturer’s dreamland. The house was full of medical and gynecological  tools and a mannequin Fischer had obviously been practicing on. Next to the telephone box/torture box were fertilizer bombs that were so volatile they had to evacuate several streets in fear of an enormous kaboom! BUT  probably the most horrific part of this story is the poor girl was introduced to Fischer through a friend. Hmm, what a bitch!

This is the makeshift cell!


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Hitler Ringtone

Oh no you dumbass, don’t be using an Adolph Hitler speech as your ringtone  for goodness sakes, that’s a friggin jail sentence in Germany. The 54 year old man’s cell phone spewed out Hitler rantings about the “destruction of world Jewry” each time it rang during a train journey in Hamburg. Horrified passengers alerted authorities and well, you can guess the rest,  police were waiting to arrest the Fuhrer fan when he got off the train. When they checked his phone they also found images of swastika stickers and photos of Hitler. If convicted the man could spent 6 months in the brink because hello,  it’s illegal to have public displays of the Nazis or their work in Germany.

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Stranger Danger

A man helps stranger and gets sent hospital billSometimes being nice just doesn’t pay.Nice guy Resul Mor was driving home from work in Hamburg when a man flagged down his car and begged him to take his seriously ill wife to hospital.Not the kind of guy to refuse, Resul obliged. So you can imagine his shock when two weeks later he receives a bill for £6,000 from the hospital. Evidently casualty staff asked Resul to sign a registration form when the woman was admitted. What he didn’t realize was the form made him responsible for any fees she couldn’t pay (she didn’t pay any). And do you want to know the big bummer finale, the judge this week ruled that Resul was legally liable for the bill and must pay it.


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