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It's mine

It’s mine

You know what I hate? When you decide to have a pleasant little picnic by the water in Florida and some dastardly alligator emerges and runs up and eats all your hamburgers. I really friggin hate that!!!

Want fries with that?


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Hamburger Scented Candles

Have you been breaking your diet, you bastard!

Looks like a hamburger, smells like a burger but doesn’t taste like a burger… it’s the White Castle hamburger scented candle! For $10 you can live the dream without the hardened arteries. Nothing like having a house that smells like a burger joint to get your stomach juices aroused. Come on people proceeds are going to the charity “Autism Speaks“. OK, stop right there, I just went onto their website and they are all sold out!!!!! Check for yourself if you don’t believe me…White Castle.com


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Would You Like Potatoes With That?

Kimmy Yimmy

Kimmy Yimmy

Hooley, Dooley what a difference a month makes. One minute Kim Jong Il is asking the public to get their chops around dog soup and now they have opened up a Hamburger joint.Hang on just one minute…hmm, I would stay clear of the hot dogs people! I’m just saying. It’s true, the Samtaeseong diner has opened it’s doors in Pyongyang but despite what they say, it looks suspicionly like a friggin American-style fast-food restaurant. Oh but don’t be mentioning hamburger within earshot of Il, that is “minced beef with bread” to you. All the favorites will be given nice new Korean names, thank you very much. Choson Sinbo, a Singaporean company, have been helping the North Koreans to set up their first fast food joint (welcome to acne and man boobs). Well, that’s if they can find anyone who can actually afford to eat there.


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