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Friggin Appalled

One of the highlights of Margaret River

One of the most unique attractions at Hamelin Bay in Western Australia’s South West are the stingrays. For years tourists have swum, fed and patted the friendly creatures. They patiently wait each day for the fishermen to come into shore so they can feed on the scraps. Well, last month two men walked up to the oldest and friendliest ray “Stumpy” and speared him in front of horrified tourists. They then sliced him up and threw the remains into a portable cooler. Were they prosecuted? NO! Seems like officials have no protection in place for these majestic creatures. Some of the 40 odd tourists on the beach at the time had to be restrained from attacking the two men. Shame, shame, shame! Currently there is a petition circulating calling for the Fisheries minister to turn Hamelin Bay into a marine park sanctuary zone to try and protect its number one tourist attraction. No words can express how truly appalled I am at this. Disfriggingraceful.

Psst I am currently trying to track down the petition.

Want sauce with that?


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