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Hamster Goes All Jesus On Easter

Attention hamster owners , no, the hamster that  resurrected itself on Easter was not dead but hibernating. When a couple, who were looking after Tink, found her lifeless at the bottom of the cage they made her a little paper casket and buried her in the backyard. The next day a neighbor found Tink hiding in a recycling box freezing her friggin ass off. Nothing like being buried alive to wake you from a dormant state.


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Rolo’s Excellent Adventure

OK, no need to worry loons, Rolo the hamster, who fell 12ft from a window, kaboomed onto a car bonnet and bounced into the path of a neighborhood cat has been rescued by two quick thinking cops who witnessed the rodent’s escapades. The constables shooed the cat while Rolo ran around the wheelie bins and under parked cars trying to avoid being dinner. Rolo was eventually put out of his misery when PC Helen Hansen trapped him under her helmet. The smart thinking cops then knocked on the door of a house which had a sign in the window “Beware of the hamster” and returned the traumatized rodent back to his 8 year old owner Milly Rook, who had no idea Rolo had gone AWOL.


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