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Lawyer Blows Himself Up

Hey guys, check out what I got!!!

OK, one more time amateur weapon collectors. When opening a postal package containing hand grenades, proceed with extreme caution, just in case one of them  is live and  goes kaboom!!!! France is now minus one business lawyer after he was blown to smithereens while inspecting his box of goodies in his Paris office. Who the hell sends a live grenade through the mail…oh never mind it’s France!!!!


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Friggin Squatters

Officer I knew nothing about the drugs...nothing!!

You know what I hate? When you find squatters with drugs, a handgun, 10 grenades, and a pig inside your house and you have to call the bomb squad. I really figgin hate that!

Want sauce with that?


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WWII Grenades Dredged up

Anyone for clam chowder?

You sometimes find the darnedest things when you go dredging off Long Island. Just ask the Massachusetts shellfish plant who got a nice little surprise when they found 126 hand grenades in its load of clams. Some of the little buggers still had pins in them (the grenades silly!). Kaboom, clam bake! The grenades were found in wooden crates dredged up  with the mud and gunk the plant workers were sifting through.  Enter the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad and exit all the workers while the WWII grenades were detonated safely.

Psst Hmm, maybe someone should be worried about what the hell else is lying at the bottom of the sea bed off Long Island?

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When Grenades Get In Your Eyes

Red hot chilli grenadesStandby protesters and rioters this news might bring tears to your eyes. Indian scientists are working on a new weapon… hot chilli grenades. Yep, out with explosives, in with chilli. The Bhut Jolokia chilli which is about 1,000 times more potent than a normal household type and can make you cry like a baby for months, will replace the explosives inside a hand grenade! That should stop people dead in their tracks without dying. Hmm, so it sounds like the mother of all pepper sprays.  Oh and the good thing is, the powder can also be used for troops to use on their food when in cold climates!


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