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Dude These Brownies Are Far Out

OK Missy, hand over those brownies. Wow, these are good! An eighth grader was busted for selling brownies to her classmates for $3 from her backpack. OK, yes, they were laced with marijuana which would explain the steep price. Evidently up to 20 of her classmates bought the hash brownies. A spokeswoman for the New York middle school called the incident “troubling” and warned anyone who knowing munched on the treat would be disciplined.

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Senior Citizens Excellent Adventure

Dude, where's my car?

OK, here’s the thing, when preparing a wake for senior cits, probably  not a good idea to spike the brownies with marijuana. I’m just saying. Two elderly women and a man ended up in a California hospital after getting high as kites chomping on the hash brownies. Hmm, wait until the munchies set in!.

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