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Who Ya Gonna Call?

manhole3There could be nothing worse than a dead boyfriend haunting your car. A woman in Sacramento believes the ghost of  boyfriend past is haunting her 2002 pick up. And by haunting I mean touching her on the hair and shoulders, especially when she wears a skirt he had liked. Despite her ditching the car a paranormal expert says it is most likely he is haunting her and not the car. Sleep with one eye open lady.


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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Leave Us The Hell Alone

haunted mirror for sale on eBay

Leave us alone

Attention Loons, is anyone interested in a Victorian style mirror that has brought nothing but  bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness to its owners? Well if yes, it could be yours. The owners have thrown the haunted thing on eBay. Mrjoiee, from London and his flatmate rsecued the mirror from the rubbish after their landlord had thrown it out, but since mounting it on the wall the pair have had nothing but feeling of impending doom, illness and money woes. Needless to say there hasn’t been one friggin bid. If you want it click here …oh and make sure to read the description.


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Things That Go Bump In The Night

A family who rented a house in Toms Landing, New jersey, want their money back because it is friggin haunted!!!And by haunted I mean the usual lights flickering, strange voices and the occasional door slam. Sometimes they claim they would return home to find their clothes chucked across the floor. The final straw came when the couple were watching TV in bed and the sheets were suddenly whipped off them. Hmm, Paranormal Activity much? The landlord ain’t buying it, he believes the family are just trying to skip out on the 1 year lease.

Psst By the way, all of the Amityville Horror movies were filmed in Toms Landing. Boo!


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Paranormal Activity 3 Season 11

Did you see that Ryan?

Oh for crying out loud, seems the cast of American Idol have left their mansion because…wait for it … they think it’s haunted!! Heavens to Murgatroyd. Yep, flying sheets, mysterious spiders and flickering lights were enough to send the singing hopefuls packing. They are now holed up in a hotel refusing to return.  To make matters even more boo-delicious, the lead investigator of the “Ghost Adventures Crew” thinks whatever it is could be demonic and may have been brought on by one of the singers.

Psst Hmm, seems the little poltergeist harassed several past Idol contestants as well! Maybe its not a fan?


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Buy It If You Dare

WTF was that?

Forget Amityville, forget Salem’s Lot, we have a new scary house on the block and it’s on the market. Yay! It sits on the ridge in the Hollywood Hills with the greatest view of the Hollywood sign and it’s either haunted or cursed (take your pick). So far the 1995 mansion has had two owners but no occupants, oh unless you call the squatters, gangs and crackheads who have frequently it while it’s been empty, occupants! But don’t you fear potential buyers, it now has a 24 hour guard and all the windows and doors are nailed shut. For a cool $15,200,000 , 2450 Solar Drive could be all yours including the rumored ghosts, aliens and crackheads. OK, no one really knows what the hell is wrong with the house, all they know is it’s friggin freaky.

Psst Click here if you are thinking of buying!

Want sauce with that?


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Poltergeist Park


Oh for crying out loud, a theme park in Britain has moved a water slide ride because workers whinged that they kept seeing a headless monk and other weird unexplained paranormal activities. According to a paranormal agency, hired to find out what the hell was going on, said  that Thorpe Park may have plonked the ride on an ancient burial ground near ruins of the Chertsey Abbey (known as Monk’s Walk). Hmm, obviously they’ve watched one too many Spielberg movie I say. Anywho, the park decided in the best interest of patrons it would move the “Storm Surge” ride. Sheez, just replace it with a ghost train for goodness sakes!

Want sauce with that?


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Haunted Mattress


Calling all exorcists, all exorcists to Infirmary Walk please. Kevin Cartwright (56) who lives on Infirmary Walk in  Worcester is looking for an exorcist to get rid of the friggin spirits messing with his bed. The dude needs some sleep. Since returning from overseas last September his bed has been possessed. Evidently the mattress moves “like someone or something” is in it. Mr Cartwright even got 8 friends to sleep in his bed (not at the same time…gosh!) and 4 of them agreed something was friggin moving it. Three people, who claim to be in touch with the spirit world, came a calling and they told Mr Cartwright the little spooks are child spirits messing with him. Little shits! Hmm, interestingly he lives next to an old school building that recently had renovations done.

Want sauce with that?


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Demented Whist Player

OK, can the dude who stole the severed hand of a gambler at the Haunch of Venison pub in Salisbury, Wiltshire, please return it ASAP, it’s cursed. The hand belonged to a gambler who was caught cheating while playing whist and it’s been on display for over a century. If you are to believe the local legend the ghost of the ”Demented Whist Player” spooks the place and is probably spooking the thieves as we speak. Boo!


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