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Father Knows Best

I’m going to blame this on the “You had one job to do!” backlash from his wife. A father spent hours trying to get his son’s head unstuck from two bars at a construction site.


No matter what he did the kid remained stuck. As the hours ticked by he was fearing he would have to call for help or worse…his wife. But then like a bolt of genius he realised he was doing it all wrong. That was awks!

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Don’t Fence Me In

headOh dear, what is worse than getting your head stuck between two concrete barriers? Having police officers, firefighters and the press rocking up. This 8 year old will rue the day she ever wanted to see if her head fitted through.

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Some Mothers Do Have Them

A 4 year old Chinese kid  spent a good hour with his head stuck in a L shaped pipe.  Hmm, lets see the time line… about thirty minutes smashing into things before his parents found him , a short ride to the local fire station and then another 20 minutes patiently screaming while fireman removed it.



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French Folly

How’s your luck? You go to an undergound carpark in France so you can secretly siphon waste oil into a drain and you accidentally drop your wallet, slip and get your head stuck in the sewer! Life’s a bitch huh? Worse still, you have to stay stuck in that position all night until someone finds you all cold and hypothermiated (probably not a word but anywho) with your feet sticking up in the air. By now you are thinking “phew”, right?  Not so fast mister. When police arrive and notice you’ve been doing a bit of siphoning they book you. Don’t you know that is an offence which carries up to two years jail and a $97,000 fine. Hello,  life’s a bitch or is that la bitch?


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Hey Mommy, Look At My Cute Necklace

An unfortunate little snowflake had to have the big Burbank firemen hacksaw a toilet seat off her cute little head. No word yet on how the 3 year old got her noggin stuck in the child sized toilet seat but I hope her parents got photos so they can whip them out on her 21st birthday! Hmm or better yet, on Facebook!


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Dumbassed Dog

Ever wondered what a dog would look like stuck in a wall? Click here. The German Shepherd from LA was eventually rescued by the California animal rescue officers after they stopped laughing


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