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Yes, and it is still growing

A Chinese woman has a 5 inch horn growing on her head. I have no words.

Horn growing from head

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Dumbassed Cat

What is this nonsense … a dog helps  a dumbassed cat . Oh the humiliation.


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A Kiwi man walked into a petrol station with a rod protruding from his head. The owner’s first thought was it was a prank but unfortunately it wasn’t. The guy told police he was sitting in his parked car when kapow, he was struck in the head with the rod. One of the witnesses who saw him walk in asked him ‘Is that a drum stick in your head? To which he replied, ‘Nah, it’s a rod.’

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Camel Vs Idiot

Some days, don’t you wish you could do this?




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Heads Will Roll

embarrassedThe first rule when murdering and dismembering your roommate is to make sure the head doesn’t fall out of the trash bag when removing the body because someone might just see it. Just saying. The Memphis witness told police “When it fell, it was a head. I was like man what the hell, what you got going on bro?”

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Snakes Alive

cobra 2You know what I hate? When you chop the head off a cobra to make soup and about half an hour later when you are taking the garbage out the bodiless snake bites you and you die. I really friggin hate that! A chef in China died after the head of a snake bit him while he was  carrying it out in the rubbish.


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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Man flees after naked girlfriend gets head stuckHow can you find out if your boyfriend is a keeper? Hmm,  by having a naked sex romp outside your apartment and if you get your head stuck between the handrails of a staircase and he flees before emergency workers arrive, you probably need to go back to eHarmony.

Psst Russia


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