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Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren’t Allowed To Drive

Reasons Why Saudi Women Aren't Allowed To DriveIt all makes sense now. The reason why women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to drive is because it’s a health risk. According to Sheikh Salah al-Luhaydan, woman who get behind a wheel could risk hurting their ovaries and pelvises. Don’t believe him? Well, he has some pretty damning physiological science and functional medicine report evidence to back up his claim. The study says that if women drive it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. Sheez, nothing worse than a rolled up pelvis. Two year ago another “scientific” report claimed if women were allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia it would lead to an increase in homosexuality , pornography , divorce and prostitution for both men and women. Well, they better stay at home then.



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Step Away From The Juice

OK, I really hate being the bearer of bad news but you might want to avoid drinking too much OJ as it may contain a Brazilian fruit concentrate, which is being blamed for birth defects. The cheap Brazilian concentrate contains high levels of the fungicide carbendazim, and has caused alarm bells a ringing in the US  over potential heath risks.

Psst More bad news, 95% of orange juice in Australia contains it.


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Step Away From The Water Bottle

No need to panic men, but a study in China has revealed that a chemical found in plastic bottles and soda cans can mess with your sperm (and not in a good way). Bisphenol A (or the less scary name BPA) is the culprit and has the ability to lower sperm counts, reduce its quality and result in erectile dysfunction. Dear god! Who needs a one child policy when you have BPA? The chemical can be found in most canned food linings and has been detected in the urine of 90% of the US population. Bullet dodgers (government agencies including the US) however are claiming the tests were done on Chinese factory workers who were exposed to higher levels of the chemical than consumers. Their conclusion…. it’s safe.

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Chemical Nightmare

OK people,  no need to panic but Spanish researchers are claiming that swimming in chlorinated pools can increase the risk of cancer. The good news is that it can be offset by showering before swimming, wearing a bathing cap and refraining from urinating (it isn’t clear whether that was before,  during  or after swimming). Anywho, a more pressing problem is the fact that chlorine is added to most water supplies. We’re doomed I say, doomed!


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