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That’s Just Rotten

OK, here’s the thing funeral director, probably not a good idea to leave the decomposing body of a woman in a hearse parked under a tree for 9 friggin days because the stench will attract police and then you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. The David B. Lawson Mortuary told police they had picked up the body of Linda Walton after she had died of natural causes but had to wait on police to contact next of kin before they could cremate the body. So in the mean time under a tree she stayed. Oh and the mortuary said the body wasn’t in the hearse for 9 days it was 4 days OK!!!


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Whatever You Do, Don’t Smoke

Albert “Dick” Whittamore, who was buried this week in Dover, England had only one parting wish, that his hearse bore a sign “Smoking Killed Me”. The 85 year old had died from emphysema and wanted to do his bit to warn others of the dangers of smoking. Some of the town folk also put the signs in their windows as the hearse made it’s way to the cemetery. A placard with “Smoking Killed Me”  will lay at his grave site for a week. OK, OK, I know what you’re thinking,  it took it’s own sweet time killing him but it did. Adda boy Dick!


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