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RIP Ron Palillo

The actor who played Arnold Horshack in Welcome Back Kotter has died from a sudden heart attack. Ron Palillo was 63.


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The ball has finally dropped for Dick Clark

Dick Clark,”America’s Oldest Teenager.”, has passed away at the age of 82 from a massive heart attack. The ever youthful looking Clark will be best remembered for hosting American Bandstand and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. RIP.


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Can I Have Some Irony With That?

A  customer eating at the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas has had….wait for it…a heart attack while eating a “triple bypass burger”. Walk away nothing more to see here.

Psst Sheez, lucky he didn’t order Flatliner Fries with that!


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King Cobra Kills Snake Lover

Remember Luke Yeomans a snake conservationist who was breeding the biggest king cobra colony in Europe? No? Well, never mind, he’s died after being bitten by one of them. The snake lover was about to open his king cobra sanctuary to the public this weekend but had a heart attack after one of the reptiles turned on him. RIP snake lover.


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The Miracles of Marmite

Dear god, David Hambidge has just informed me that eating marmite can boost your chances of surviving a heart attack. Hmm, I don’t know if even that would tempt me to eat it but anywho, they have discovered a substance called benfotiamine found in the black goo which can speed up the healing of the damaged tissue following an attack. Further research has found that benfotiamine can prevent heart failure in diabetics. So bon appetite people! No word on if Vegemite has the same magical ingredient.

Psst Oh and if any Marmite rep is reading this….. NO, I don’t want a friggin carton of complimentary Marmite.


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This Is Your Co-Pilot Speaking!


No need to panic!


You know what I hate? When you are on a flight from Philippines to Qatar when the captain dies. I really friggin hate that. The 43 year old pilot complained of chest pains before dying at the controls. The plane was diverted so they could remove the body and switch the  flight crew.

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Should Have Slapped Him While He Was Alive

When Simon Webb, a 320lb (22 stone) pedophile died of a heart attack in jail this week the first thing his estranged wife said was ”I’m going to view the body so I can give him a good slap. I want to make sure he’s dead then I can pawn his wedding ring.” Webb, who was also a member of a biker gang the “Outlaws” was jailed for 5 years for admitting to making three teenage girls perform sex acts on each other while he filmed them.


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Death By Sexual Arousal

OK, there are so many things wrong with this story where do I start? Nichola Paginton, a nanny from England, was found dead in her bed last October. All that was found was a vibrator and a laptop running pornographic images next to her. Hmm? The pathologist concluded that there was no abnormalities in her organs so the only explanation for her death was sudden heart attack brought on by an orgasm or by being sexually aroused.

Psst Geez, what a way to go….everyone knowing!!!!


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Life Depicting Prank

Oh for crying out loud people, don’t send some old guy a bogus receipt for his own cremation service, it’ll will kill him. Poor Than Singh was so shocked to read about his own demise he had a massive heart attack and died. But wait there’s more, in a bizarre twist of fate Singh’s body was sent to the crematorium mentioned on the receipt AND was also given the exact same serial number that appeared on the bogus receipt. Indian police are now investigating the incident but have no clues as to who was behind the prank.


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RIP Simon Monjack

The tragedy that was  Brittany Murphy continues, with the sudden death of her husband Simon Monjack  just 5 months after her own death. The British scriptwriter, who was devastated by his wife’s death, died from an apparent heart attack.Sadly it was Brittany’s mother who again was left  to ring 911. She discovered him unconscious in the master bedroom of the house they shared. Paramedics were unable to revive him. Mr Monjack was 39.


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