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Don’t Enter That Son!!!!

If you happen upon a bottle of German Heinz Ketchup in your travels you might want to avoid scanning the QR code. Seems the link to the label design contest now takes you to a porn site. That’s what happens when a company doesn’t bother to renew their website.

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The Americanization Of Australia

You say ketchup, we say tomato sauce. What the? Friggin Heinz are taking “tomato sauce” off their Australian sauce bottles and replacing it with “Tomato Ketchup”. You don’t put friggin ketchup on a meat pie for crying out loud! Sheez, I bet this is Oprah’s doing!

Psst Thank god they can’t mess with a Chiko Roll!!!!


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Shitload of Pineapples

You should be so lucky!

Like it, coming ready or not. The Aussie homeless are in for a bit of a surprise, yep, 1.1 million kg of pineapples (that’s 50 semitrailers folks) are heading their way compliments of Golden Circle. You see, Golden Circle were acquired by US company Heinz in 2008 but  still had the “proudly Australian owned”on their product labels. So the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said dispose of them or else. Enter Foodbank Australia who gladly took the gift. “This is just magic product  … if you think of any number of meals where you can use pineapple – it can be used in any of the three meals of the day and of course it’s shelf-stable.” Hmm, OK, I give up, I can only think of Hawaiian pizza, sweet and sour pork and plain old pineapple. I haven’t eaten pineapple in food since the 80’s and that was on a toothpick with a chunk of cheese!

Psst Why was it only the pineapple cans labeled wrongly? Hmm?????

2nd Psst It kinda reminds me of the famous muffin stumps for the homeless Seinfeld ep. Can’t remember it, here’s a reminder…..


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Something Stinks in Britain

Nothing left to say really!

Nothing left to say really!

How do you piss off Austria and Germany all at the same time? Put less baked beans in their tins of Heinz for starters. Ooh and then when that is complete, you might want to think about watering down the sauce, just to let them know who’s boss! A study by an Austrian newspaper has discovered that the tins of Heinz baked beans sold in Germany and Austria (known as Heinz Gebackene Bohnen) contains less beans than those sold in  the UK. Whats more they also discovered it’s sauce has been significantly watered down. Hmm, considering the UK sells 1.5 million friggin cans of the stuff a day (yes a day) it’s no wonder they aren’t going to share the recipe or be prepared to lose the title of “baked bean capital of the world”. All’s fair in love and war. Lets all fart to that!


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