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Stick Them Up I Have A Remote!

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Nice one Edward Callahan. Callahan, a New York homeless guy, decided to try his luck robbing a bank with an old TV remote control. Damn thing nearly worked too, especially after he told the teller  it was hooked up to a bomb. Everybody panic. Terrified employees of the Chase Bank went scurrying up to the roof fearing a kaboom, while a trembling Callahan got his bag of money. Doh, unfortunately poor old Callahan only got a short distance out of the bank before having a seizure. Oh well, on the bright side, he won’t be homeless anymore!


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Who Is The Mug Now?

Run, he has a mug!!!

OK, honey, sweetie, darl, don’t be holding up a bank by pointing no purple mug at a bank employee and saying it contains an explosive device , especially if you are a regular customer. Andrew Taylor, who waltzed into his bank undisguised, told the worker he wanted money and didn’t care  whether he blew the bank to smithereens with his purple coffee mug, so they handed him an envelope containing $5,000.  Police are now trying to locate him after staff all recognized the purple coffee mug holder as a regular named Drew.

Psst Hmm, maybe they should just withdraw the money out of his account seeing that they know who he is!


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