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Extreme Dentistry

Forget the door knob or a drone, a father in the US used a helicopter to extracted his kid’s tooth. He attached a string to his son’s loose tooth and the other to the helicopter….


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Injured Hiker Rescues Rescuer

You know what I hate? When you break your leg while hiking and the paramedic who comes to your rescue gets knocked on the noggin with the helicopter blade and you have to friggin rescue him. In extreme pain the hiker, who happened to be a doctor (specializing in trauma), hopped over to the injured man and controlled the bleeding until more help arrived.



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102 Uses of a Dead Cat

An artist in the Netherlands has turned his dead cat, Orville, into a helicopter. Don’t friggin ask, I have no idea, but  creepy just took on a whole new meaning. I suggest animal lovers look away.

Psst He named the flying puss, Orvillecopter


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Well That’s Friggin Stuffed!

OK, hands up the fool who left a large cuddly toy in the middle of a field near the M27.  Come on people, some poor women thought it was a friggin escaped white tiger . A golf course was evacuated, a cricket match stopped,  tranquilizer darts loaded, armed police dispatched and a thermal imaging helicopter scrambled. Police only discovered the tiger was a friggin toy when the wind from the helicopter blades blew it over. Taxpayers will be pleased.


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Laptop Falls From The Sky

Look up in the sky…it’s a bird… it’s a plane … no, it’s a friggin laptop. Everybody duck. Grayson Peterka is one lucky 10 year old after a laptop computer fell from a medical helicopter and nearly knocked him on the noggin. He and his family were having a BBQ in St Cloud, Minnesota when kaboom, it landed right in front of him. Seems someone left it on the helicopter skids when it took off.


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Roger That!

Obese man requires a chinook helicopter to get to hospitalYou know you’re fat when you need a Chinook helicopter to airlift you to hospital. Paul Mason weighs 70 stone, yes that’s right 70 stone, and he desperately needs to get to hospital for weight reducing surgery. The last time he needed to visit hospital they had to remove a neighbor’s wall for the  forklift truck to get close enough to get him out of his house. However, this time he may require the service of the RAF. Good luck with that!

Psst The NHS Suffolk will be footing the bill for his treatment.


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