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So Is This Pubic Art?

LaughWhat do you do when a 10ft statue in your town keeps having it’s appendage stolen ? Hmm, build a removable one, that’s what. Yep, the statue of Hercules in Parc Mauresque will now have a detachable penis. Problem solved. The penis will only be used during ceremonies and special occasions. Take that vandals!!!!

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Hercules The Hero Saint Bernard

Remember Hercules the St Bernard who chased a burglar out of his new owner’s house only 7 hours after being adopted from a dog shelter? Well, here’s his story ….


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Man’s Best Friend

This is MY home now!

An Ohio couple who rescued a Saint Bernard from a dog home to save it from being euthanizied are grateful they did.  7 hours after taking it home, Hercules saved their house from being burgled . Lee Littler had just taken Hercules outside when he suddenly began growling. A few minutes later a man came running out from the Littler’s basement. Hercules took off after him, nipping the suspected burglar on the ankle as he flew over a fence. Police later confirmed the man had cut the Littler’s phone and cable lines. Good doggie.


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