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Two Charged With The Murder Of Herman Rockefeller

Put away the deerstalkers loons, two people have been charged with the murder of missing Melbourne man Herman Rockefeller. Mario Schembri and Bernadette Denny have allegedly admitted killing the businessman after an altercation and then disposing of the body. So ends the mystery which captivated a nation for nearly a week.The body of Mr Rockefeller is believed to buried in the back of the suspects house. Police have asked neighbors if they smelled or saw smoke  during the past week (doesn’t sound good).  One neighbor said the pair suspected of killing Rockefeller had a BBQ on Australia Day but they thought nothing of it. It has also been suggest there is a link between an internet swingers site and the meeting of Mr Rockefeller and the suspects. Well alrighty then, I think we should leave the family to grieve in peace. Nothing more to see here.

Psst Who the hell was he man everyone kept sighting?


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Missing Man’s Defriending On Facebook

Not really news but still friggin funny…. since the mysterious disappearance of wealthy  businessman Herman Rockefeller earlier this week, he has suddenly gotten 21 new friends on Facebook. But the thing is, someone has defriended two of them. Prior to his disappearance he only had one friend on the social networking site. No word on who if anyone else has access to his Facebook passwords. This just gets stranger by the minute.


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Missing Without A Trace

Herman Rockefeller

Calling Miss Marple, Miss Marple to the front desk please. Melbourne police are puzzled by the sudden disappearance of wealthy businessman Herman Rockefeller (no relation to the famous family) who left the Melbourne airport but failed to make it home. Here’s the story so far. Herman and his brother  landed at Melbourne Airport at 9pm on Thursday from a interstate business trip. Footage  can be seen of him walking through the terminal. At around 9.32 surveillance footage showed him paying for his parking ticket by credit card. After leaving the terminal it has been established he didn’t take his regular route home, nor did he turn on his cell phone or make any withdrawals from his bank accounts. Mr Rockefellers wife Vicky was at the Australian Open tennis and had planned to return home at around the same time. Mr Rockefeller never made it home.

UPDATE : Mr Rockefeller’s car has just been located in West Melbourne, police are currently examining it.

2nd UPDATE : A shopkeeper located about 10km from where Mr Rockefeller’s car was discovered said she served him a pie, sausage roll and a drink the following day.


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