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Kate Winslet To The Rescue

Sorry Jack, this is where I say see ya!

She couldn’t save Jack from the icy waters of the Atlantic but could manage to carry a 90 year old woman from a burning building, go figure! Kate Winslet turned out to be a hero after saving Richard Branson’s mom from a house fire on Branson’s private island retreat. Yes, his magnificent luxury home burned to the ground after it apparently was struck by lightning. Twenty guests including Winslet and her family were tripping the light fantastic on the island. A quick thinking Winslet rushed to the elderly woman’s aid while Branson’s son and nephew  helped get everyone else out.


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RIP Lionel Rose

A boxer, a singer, a legend. Lionel Rose a true Aussie hero has passed away at the age of 62. At a time when some States still weren’t allowing aborigines to vote, Rose flew to Japan to fight Japanese boxer Fighting Harada for the World Bantamweight title. He won, becoming the first Aboriginal to win a world title. On his return over 100,000 people lined the streets of Melbourne to greet their newest Australian sporting hero. Rose was made Australian of The Year. Rose was also was one of the first sporting identities to make a stand against apartheid. Offered big bucks to fight in South Africa he  turned it down because he would have to go there as an honorary “white”. Rose wasn’t too bad on vocals either, recording two hit songs I Thank You and Please Remember Me in the 70’s. In 1996, Rose presented young burns-attack victim Tjandamurra O’Shane (who had been horrifically attacked) with his world-title belt, hoping to speed the youngster’s recovery. Sadly, his health deteriorated following a stroke in 2007 . RIP Lionel Rose.


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Pants Shitter Awarded Purple Heart

Feel good story of the week…. a man who shat his pants in grade school goes on the win a Purple Heart

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New Respect For Anna Bligh

Disasters can make or break a politician. Remember when besieged  New York mayor Giuliani mesmerized the world during  September 11th and became everyone’s hero. Hmm, oh then there was George W’s  dismal failings during Hurricane Katrina. Well anywho, Anna Bligh, no matter what anyone may have thought of her in the past,  has become a true Aussie hero and worthy leader. Not only did she grab  the Queensland disaster with both hands and lead her State through the most trying of times, she dropped the usual political rhetoric and baffling bullshit to address the people of Queensland  like a real human being. Wouldn’t it be great if  all politicians could lead like this in the worst AND BEST of times. No hidden agendas, no points scoring, just good old fashion honesty and sincerity.

Psst Hmm, oh and by the way, regardless, I still hate politicians.Oh and where the hell has Tony Abbott been?

Here’s a clip which highlights the blaring contrast between being human and being a friggin politician …


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Kickass Hero Saves Guide From Great White Shark

Kickass Hero

OMG, there is one very sorry assed shark swimming around Rockingham today. The great white was thwarted from lunching on a snorkeler by a kickass hero who grabbed it’s tail and yanked him off the left buttock of Elyse Frankcom (19). The attack happened during a “swim with the dolphins” tour in Perth. Frankcom, one of the Rockingham Wild Encounters tour guides, was snorkeling in about 7m of water when the 3m great white struck. It sunk its teeth into her hip and left buttock before the kickass hero (who declined to give his name) grabbed the sharks tail, making it let go of her. Not done, the kickass hero then dived underwater to grab the now sinking tour guide, pulling her back to the surface and onto the boat. Ms Frankcom, who is expected to make a full recovery, told medics she also punched the shark in the face. Humiliated much Mr great white shark ?

Psst A search is now on to identify the kickass hero so he can be nominated for Australia’s highest award for heroism. AND no it wasn’t Chuck Norris!


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Man of Steel

A big shout out to British soldier Lance Corporal Luke Reeson who was shot in the face by the Taliban but simply spat out the bullet and walked 2 miles for medical help. The bullet evidently bounced off his body armor went up his lower cheek (breaking his jaw) before ending up in his mouth. Reeson is expected to make a full recovery.


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Destiny Was Sitting Right There On The Road

Destiny Flores is one lucky baby after she wandered out of her parents house in San Antonio and plonked herself right smack in the middle of the road. Fortunately the bus driver, Mike Hubbard,who was zooming along at the time, slammed on the brakes just in time to avoid making little baby road kill.


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