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Oklahoma Teachers Are Tornado Heroes

I would just like to give a shout out to all the teachers of the two Oklahoma Elementary Schools who used themselves as human shields to protect the children. Heroes. The photo below shows a collection of images of teachers comforting their students in the aftermath.

Oklahoma teachers become heroes after tornado hits schools



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Samurai 50

No worries, everything OK!

Want a job as a hero samurai at the Fukushima nuclear power plant? Here’s what you have to do… get up at 6am and chomp down 30 survival crackers and guzzled  180  milliliter pack of vegetable juice before heading to your designated location at the plant. No lunch but if you are lucky you get a bottle of water. At 5pm you go back to your quarters within the nuclear facility to have supper which consists of magic rice and a can of chicken or fish. At 8pm you have a workers meeting to discuss how horrendous the situation really is before finding a spot on a conference room floor or hallway to sleep. Luckily you are supplied with a lead sheets to stop the radiation from seeping up through the floors. Interested? Please address your application c/o Fukushima nuclear power plant, Japan.


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I Hate Muffins

It’s true, they all hate muffins!


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Surgeons Risk Life To Remove Live Bullet

You first. No, you first. No, you first!

All hail the US army surgeons who risked their lives to remove a live bullet from a soldier’s head. The doctors donned on body armor during the 5 hour operation to avoid being blown to smithereens. All non essential staff were evacuated from the Bagram Air Field Base as the team worked slowly and friggin carefully to remove the Taliban bullet which contained 2 ounces of high explosives, enough to blow them all to kingdom come. The unnamed man from the Afghan National Army, who was wounded during a bomb blast, is expected to survive. Heroes.


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