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Safe Sex Guard

OMG, introducing Scroguard,  the creepiest product ever. The Scroguard is a latex groin cover that allows you to avoid skin to skin contact around the genital area during sex. Hmm, that should produce a nice heat rash


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Friggin Loon Currently Up a Tree

Just letting you know that Internet in Tassie sucks and I am currently using my IPad up a tree. Yesterday I went to Albert Park and guess what loons? I not only discovered they have monkeys in the park but the monkeys carry the herpes virus. Step away from the monkeys!!!!!


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Still Keep Sleeping With One Eye Open Ohio

Remember a few days back all those exotic animals were released by some dude in Ohio and then they were all hunted down and killed? Hmm, well about that, seems there are still two fugitives, a wolf and a monkey and they both may have herpes! So loons, be sure not to sleep with either of them!!!


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Someone Is Spreading Herpes!

Yep, that's herpes alright!

Ewh, some A list celebrity is hiding a dirty little secret. Seems he is being sued for spreading herpes.The well known person who has not been named  is worth in excess of $100million. In the lawsuit it is claimed the victim was told by the celeb he had “no venereal diseases” but after a bit of hanky panky and unprotected sex in Las Vegas, viola, herpes!  The victim  now wants $20 million for their troubles.


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At Least They Get The Awkward Bit Out Of The Way

Good grief, are you loons aware that there is now a dating website for people who have herpes. No seriously, I couldn’t and wouldn’t  make this up. It’s in Winnipeg (not that there is anything wrong with that!) and they specialize in matching people with genital herpes. Ewh and get this, some people want to be matched up, despite not having the STD. One of their clients who is so please about the service said “We’re not lepers, its not AIDs,… it’s just a rash. It’s no more different than having a cold sore on your face.” Well alrighty then!

Psst If it wasn’t such a horrible sounding name for a disease . Hmm, but then again its probably better than saying, cold sore of the nether region!


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