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Loon Meets The Fat Duck

The Loon has been hanging down  at Margaret River for a few days and hobnobbing with Heston.  You know Fat Duck/ Loon, we have so much in common…oh except for the fact I can’t cook.



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Don’t Try This At Home!

Chef blows off handsOh for goodness sakes Heston Blumenthal, can you put a friggin warning label on your recipes? A Heston Blumenthal inspired chef has blown both his hands off after trying a recipe that involved liquid nitrogen. Hmm, no it wasn’t Bomb Alaska. It is believed the man from Stahnsdorf, Germany,  was attempting to empty the cannister of liquid nitrogen (which is used to freeze food) when it went kaboom! One of his hands blew straight off but the other had to be amputated by doctors. He still remains in a critical condition in hospital.  See folks, this is the reason why I don’t cook!


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