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Phantom Chair Pisser Caught

Stop looking loons, thanks to a hidden camera the mystery office chair piddler has been found. Seems since October last year Raymond  has been peeing on the office chairs of his female co-workers during his off hours.


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Smile, You’re on Hidden Camera!!!

A man in a Sydney supermarket has been caught filming up women’s skirts. Hmm, see much? The camera was allegedly hidden in a shopping basket. Police seized the camera , viewed the footage and discovered 9 female crotches victims. Seems only one woman has been identified so far.The man has been charged with filming a person’s private parts without consent. Pity the fool who tries that on me….. Loon-a-eclipse !!!

Psst Do you think I went a little too far with the title???


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Deer, Deer, Deer


You know what I hate, when you think the neighbor’s kid is secretly videoing your daughter bathing, by putting a camera in a decorative deer in the backyard,  so you enter his house and shove him around a bit, only to discover there is no friggin camera attached to the deer. I really friggin hate that! That’s an arresting James Erickson.

Psst Irony alert, the dude lives in Surprise.

Want Sauce with that?


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Mind The Gap

OK loons, I don’t know if it’s just me, but there is something quite sick about a man named Michael Stankus using a “Gap” shopping bag to look up girl’s skirts in a shopping mall, don’t ya think? I’m just saying!! Mr Stankus had cut a hole in the bag so he could conveniently place his camera to film the unsuspecting girls.


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Don’t Mess With The Amish

Amish businessman catches burglar on infared camera

Thought you were so clever!

A warning to anyone planning to rob Amish people. Their tradition might forbid them from taking pictures of themselves but they don’t have a problem taking pictures of friggin burglars. Some dumbass crook thought it would be an easy target to repeatedly rob Amish businesses in Lancaster County. However he didn’t expect one of them to set up an infrared hunting camera in his store. Hell no. Now his image is plastered friggin everywhere. Dumbassed burglar 0, Hi tech Amish dude 1.

Psst If you know this dude the Pennsylvania police might want to hear from you.


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Spy Cam Under Bed

Did my ass look fat on TV?

OK, here’s the thing pizza shop manager, setting up a secret camera to spy on your female housemate may seem like a cool idea, but no, it’s just downright creepy. Joel Nyima Keohane got himself in all sorts of trouble after he set up a camera to spy on his roomie. While she waked around in the privacy of her own room, he sat back and watched it all  on his TV in the comfort of his room . The sneaky little bugger hid the camera under the bed but angled it so he could view everything from her mirror. It was only when the girl’s boyfriend found the camera that the fur flew. When police seized his computers they also found…you guessed it….child pornography. Even his defence barrister called him a “very lonely and sad person”. That’s a 10 month suspended sentence right there!


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