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What The Hell Are In Those Bottles?

No really, everything's fine!

No need to panic good people of Japan, but it seems the radiation levels in a small area around Tokyo’s Setagaya ward are higher than those around Fukushima. Officials searching for the source found several glass bottles in a cardboard box in someone’s basement which sent the radiation detectors into a friggin fit. Oh, but don’t worry, the local government says there is nothing to worry about and the radiation poses no immediate health threat. Well, that’s alright then!

Want sauce with that?


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High Radiation Levels Recorded In Tokyo

Grab your radiation proof snuggies people, the Fuckushima Nuke plant has kaboomed and higher than normal radiation levels are being recorded in Tokyo, which is 250km (that’s 155miles Bearman!!!) from the reactor. Friggin nightmare!!!! Oh and if that isn’t enough to worry about, people in Southern California might want to have a spare suitcase packed. The San Onofre nuclear power generating station, which is built 5 miles from a  fault line, is only designed to withstand a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and its “tsunami wall” is only 25ft high. Those friggin Mayans!!!!


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Miley Cyrus Jewelry is toxic

That's what you get for mocking

Sweet niblets, Miley trinkets are toxic (hmm, so is her music but I digress). Evidently Wal-Mart Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana jewelry contains high  levels of friggin cadmium, some crap that shrivels your kidneys and brain (and common in Made In China products). Wal-Mart are throwing the necklaces and bracelets off the shelves as we speak, while their PR department handles the media who claim Wal-Mart knew about the toxic concerns in February. Sometimes having exclusivity can be a bitch! Wal-Mart said that while the jewelry is not intended for children, “it is possible that a few younger consumers may seek it out in stores.” WTF, who else would wear cheap friggin “teen star” trinkets? Even more bizarre a representative from the jewelry industry said they weren’t necessarily concerned about the high levels in the jewelery but how much of the shit came off the item when sucked , bitten or swallowed!


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NYPD Blues

Anthony Chiofalo an ex NYPD detective who was sacked in 2006 after failing a drug test now claims his wife spiked his meatballs with marijuana so he would lose his job. It was a good try but the state appeals court didn’t buy it, nor did the people who tested his hair sample. The results revealed  high levels of pot inconsistent with levels which would come from spiked pasta. There’s 22 years in the police force down the drain…or should I say pipe !


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