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Wedding Ends In Tragedy

You know what I hate? When 28 of of your wedding guests get friggin electrocuted to death when their bus hits a power line! I really hate that! The accident happened in India when a metal cabinet tied on top of the bus touched a high voltage cable and zapped the occupants.

Psst I hope the cabinet wasn’t a wedding present!


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From The Animals That Brought You The Plague

If you happen to be on a train in England and it breaks down, not to worry it’s probably a rat or mouse chewing through a high voltage cable. One little rodent is believed to be responsible for 99 trains coming to a standstill in Cheshire (where’s the friggin cat). Oh and yet another evil vermin  caused the cancellation of 107 trains and delayed up to 289, between Preston and Lancaster. The little shits are going to cost taxpayers millions of pounds for the  laying of  20,000 miles of steel-armored replacement cable.


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