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Bus Hijack Ends Badly

OK, here’s the thing disgruntled highly decorated ex policeman with a M-16, I don’t think they will give you back your job if you hijack a bus of tourists and threaten to kill them…I’m just saying. Rolando Mendoza, who had been spitting chips over his sacking (drugs and extortion), hijacked a tourist bus in Manila and demanded his job back. Unfair dismissals can be a bitch. Anywho, last night the police stormed the bus and  it didn’t go all that well. Eight tourists ended up dead after the hijacker panicked and sprayed bullets inside the bus.  Questions are now being raised about the competence of the Philippine’s SWAT team after they hesitated in  shooting the gunmen when they had a chance. Hmm, it didn’t help that the whole saga was being beamed live into people’s living rooms. A sad and tragic end.

Footage of SWAT team attempting to end siege….OK, not that competent!


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Naked Man Hijacks School Bus

Naked man hijacks Atlanta school busEwh, children on an Atlanta school bus got more than they bargained for when a naked man (wearing a condom) hijacked it. Evidently the man in question jumped through the driver’s side window of the bus (while it was stationary at a bus stop), threw the driver out of his seat, pulled his sweat pants down to his knees and took off. Many of the students made a run for it and jumped as the naked man took over the wheel (as you would) but a few were trapped. The man eventually drove the vehicle through a fence and into a ditch. The two remaining students took off like jackrabbits when the bus came to a grinding halt,  leaving the naked man at the scene.

Psst A man who had seen the bus hit the ditch restrained naked man until police arrived. Hmm, a very unlucky good samaritan, I wouldn’t touch him!


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