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Reindeers Do Fly

Hey Santa,  Rudolph is missing!!!

Hey Santa, Rudolph is missing!!!

You know what I hate? When you are having a bad day at work so you decide to take a leisurely jog to clear your head when kaboom, you get cleaned up by a flying deer that had just been hit by a car.I really friggin hate that. Although the jogger only had minor injuries she was left covered in blood…from the deer. Bad day indeed.


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That’s Gotta Friggin Hurt

A Russian reporter gets…oh never mind, just  watch


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Hey Boo Boo

Remember the “drop bear”  that fell from a tree at the University of Colorado last month? Yeah, well he’s now been hit by a car. The dumbass bear, who has been having no luck in suburbia, is now licking his wounds and pride in a wilderness area far, far  away from Boulder.

Picture: CU Independent/Andy Duann


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Bobcat Lessons 101

OK, here’s the thing people, if you hit a bobcat with your car and it lies injured on the median don’t go and try to comfort it because it’s gonna friggin bite you real hard. Bobcats are nasty like that! And we all know what happens when you are bitten by a bobcat, don’t we? Yes siree, that’s extensive rabies treatment for you lady!


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Reese Witherspoon Hit By Car

Actress Reese Witherspoon was rushed to hospital after being hit by a car while she was out jogging this morning. The car , driven by an 84 year old woman, was going about 20mph (32kmh) when the accident happened. Don’t worry she only sustained minor injuries (I’m talking about Reese silly, the granny is fine too).


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Lord Jesus Christ Hit By Car

I should used the lake!

Holy crap, some woman has run  down Lord Jesus Christ with her car. No, I am serious, he was crossing a street in Massachusetts when kaboom! Not to worry Brittany Cantarella, you’re not going to hell but you will be charged with  failing to stop for a pedestrian using a crosswalk. The 50 year old man from Belchertown is indeed legally called Lord Jesus Christ. Geez, I bet he got teased at school! Anywho, big sigh of relief he will rise again.


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Life’s a Bitch

When Deborah McDonald of Crystal Rock  won $5,520 in the Ohio Lottery’s TV game show “Cash Explosion Double Play.” the first thing she did was shout her hubby and friends a dinner before  toddling off to buy the wedding rings the couple were never able to afford. Sadly Mrs McDonald was hit by a car on her way home and died.


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Just A Flash in The Pan

You know my mom would have said serve yourself right! A New Zealand teenager, who was flashing her tits at passing cars and who was eventually hit by a distracted driver’s car, has been found guilty of disorderly behavior. Cherelle May Dudfield, who was intoxicated and egged on by her friends to flash her breasts, was hit by the car as she ran to the side of the road. Evidently it was quite spectacular as she rolled up onto the hood, cracked the windscreen, before making a crash landing. Lucky for her she escaped with only minor injures and a bruised ego. She was fined $198 and a now has a priceless story to tell her grandkids.


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