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Dude, you can’t sue a Santa parade

OK, maybe you can. A Toronto man wants $500,000 after some clown threw a frozen miniature candy bar into a crowd and hit him in the eye. The man now claims he suffers blurred vision and has developed Bell’s palsy. The unidentified clown, the parade organizers and the board have all been named in the lawsuit. Hmm, who the hell has friggin clowns at a Santa parade?


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Exploding OJ

Man suing Coca Cola over exploding orange juiceOK people here’s the thing, evidently fermented orange juice can explode (who knew?). Ming Fu Hu, a Chinese immigrant, who owns a drink bar in New Zealand, is suing Coca-Cola after a bottle of Keri orange juice exploded and hit him in the eye, causing permanent damage.Coca Cola admitted the 2.4 litre bottle exploded but lawyers for the company say they have no liability because it had fermented (despite it still being within it’s used by date). As a nice old peace offering Coca Cola sent Mr Hu a case of Keri juice and a grocery voucher worth $200.Enter race card.Hmm, Mr Hu’s lawyer said “My client is a Chinese immigrant and if the same thing happened to a Kiwi in China we would expect the Chinese company to step up to the plate, admit its mistake and help make the victim whole again.” (really?).  Oh dear, I don’t think this will be going away in a hurry.


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