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On The Buses

You get cleaned up by a bus…what do you do? Go to the pub of course….

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Jogger 0, Kangaroo 0.5

You know what I hate? When you are out jogging and you get kaboomed by a flying kangaroo….I really hate that.  The roo in question got hit by a car and flew right into the jogger, taking out his legs. Oh the calamity. No word on the kangaroo, but the jogger will be limping for a wee bit.


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Well Officer, It Happened Like This …

Man lived with corpse in trailer homeYou wouldn’t read about it. A man from Georgia had the dubious task of having to explain to police how he shot at an armadillo and the bullet ricocheted off its armored hide and went straight through a fence and then the door of a mobile home and chair before landing in the back of his mother-in-law. She lived to tell the tale but sadly the armadillo didn’t.


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The Show Must Go On

A news reporter continued talking to camera despite a guy getting cleaned up by a moped behind her.

PSST  No one was hurt, other than dignity.

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Blade Runner

Airplane windowYou know what I hate? When you’re minding you’re own beeswax on a flight and suddenly you get whacked on the back of the head with a propeller. Hate that. A passenger on a Canadian flight got kaboomed with the plane’s propeller blade after it came off mid flight and crashed through the side of the plane. That’s gotta hurt.

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So Who’s The Bully Now?

A Texas teacher is  in big doodah after she ordered a group of school kids to line up and take turns in whacking an alleged school bully. It’s is believed up to 24 kids were told by the teacher to hit 6 year old Aiden and later to “hit him harder” in order to teach him a lesson. Another teacher who had suggested the idea is also in trouble. Oh well, another one who won’t like Mondays!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Watch Out For The Big Purple …. Oh Never Mind

A Texas student is licking his wounds after getting cleaned up by a big purple bus. The first rule of foam sword fight is don’t step on the road….


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Death by Flying Deer Parts

Some poor woman In Pennsylvania has been killed by flying deer parts. Yes, it’s true. She was driving along minding her own bees wax when parts of a deer flew threw her window. The deer had been struck by another vehicle when kaboom, splat.


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New Date For The End of the World

Ok loons, no need to panic just yet, that asteroid which will hurtled past earth tonight is definitely going to miss us but we may not be so lucky in 2036. Seems scientists have an eyebrow raised over another flying boulder which could see a collision occur in 2036. So the Mayans got it wrong too then?


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No Shit Sherlock

Attention all crooks in Sweden, if you plan to commit a crime, make sure you don’t leave a friggin pile of poop at the scene for the police to later DNA and link to you. Two robbers, who broke into a farm, tied up the owner and made off with money and a car now regret having taken a crap before setting the car alight. Tsk, tsk, I hope they wiped their bums!



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