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Nazi Tree

You dont like my tree?

You dont like my tree?

Oooh nothing like using the Hitler excuse to remove a tree. Seems a towering oak tree is getting in the way of plans for a new roundabout in the town of Jaslo, Poland. In a sneeky attempt to have the 40ft tree removed, Mayor Maria Kurowska is using the argument that the oak was a birthday gift from Adolf Hitler and thus a sad reminder of the town’s history. Nice one. One of the town’s historians said he remembered the little oak tree arriving to the occupied town in 1942, wrapped in the Nazi swastika flag. He believed the plant had came from Hitler’s hometown of Braunau am Innit and was a vane attempt to “Germanize” the town. Tree protester Kazimierz Polak argues “The tree has not hurt anyone and is not guilty of anything,”.  Anywho, the fate of the tree will be decided in a few weeks but the Mayor is trying her damnedest to sway the locals “If we keep it, we will walk in the city center remembering this is Hitler’s tree.” Yeah well, you have been doing that for 67 years without it bothering you!


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