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Didn’t See That One Coming

Rapist may have caught HIV from victimWell, well, well, how the tables have turned . A man from England, who was found guilty of raping a woman and jailed for 5 years,  was later informed by police the victim had HIV and he could have contracted it.


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Male MP’s Told To Get Circumcised

Not a good time to be a Zimbabwe politician. Seems all the men in parliament and on councils have been asked to undergo circumcision as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of HIV. Oooh ouch. Someone has been telling them it will reduce the spread of  AIDS and they should lead by example and have their foreskin chopped off. Hmm, maybe they just shouldn’t have unprotected sex?


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Axe Murderer Update

Oh my, remember the well known South African rugby player who chopped up three men with an axe because he said they raped his daughter and gave her HIV? Hmm, yeah about that, seems his daughter was never raped and doesn’t have HIV. Awkward! Police now believe “The motive is evil-oriented”. Oh well, he’s screwed!


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Primal Instinct

OMG, a top South African rugby player has been arrested for allegedly hacking to death three men who he believed gang raped his daughter, giving her HIV. The man, who has not been named, played for one of the leading teams in Durban. The three men were butchered with an axe, with one being decapitated and his head thrown in a dustbin. When police raided the player’s house they found an axe and bloodied clothing of one of the victims. Sadly the crime rate in South Africa, especially sexual assaults against women, has spiraled out of control forcing many to take action into their own hands. Another tragic tale that will have no winners.

Psst The rugby player is black so police have ruled out a racial motivation for the killings.

Want sauce with that?


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Safe Sex Porn

Now that got your attention!

OK, here’s the thing Derrick Burts the porn star, if you had already contracted chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes from your profession maybe you should have considered using a condom before you got the big one, HIV, I’m just saying! Burts, aka Cameron Reid and Derek Chambers, tested positive for AIDS in October and now wants it mandatory for men to wear condoms on porn sets. He believes he caught the virus while on a gay porn shoot in Florida as the only person he has had sex with in his personal life is his girlfriend who has tested negative. In the meantime there has been a mad rush by porn stars to be tested.


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Dentist More Dangerous Than a Battlefield

OMG, a Missouri Veterans Administration Hospital may have accidentally exposed 1,800 veterans to hepatitis, HIV or any other life threatening disease you can care to think of. In the next few days 1,812 veterans are gonna be getting a nice “WTF” letter in their mailbox. Hmm, seems the hospital had a “failure to clean dental instruments properly” problem. Sheez, what, like 1,800 times? The hospital said some dental technicians had hand washed tools before putting them in the cleaning machines. Despite there being only a minimal risk of anyone catching something nasty, the hospital is offering serology testing for hepatitis B, C and HIV to anyone who received the letter.


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