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Too Lazy To Go Postal

Ah , F*** it

Ah , F*** it

If you live in New York and have only randomly received your mail in the last few years I may know why. It  seems a postal worker has been hoarding them. Authorities found 40,000 undelivered mail items in his apartment, some dating back to 2005. The 67 year old is blaming depression and alcohol for his poor work ethics. It took 5 postal workers, five hours to remove all the mail. No word on whether he had opened any. Sheez, that would have kept me entertained for years.

Psst  OK, I had to do the sums … 40,000 over say 8 years, lets go with about 5000 undelivered pieces of mail a year. Divide that by 52 weeks = 97 undelivered a week, which is about 19 a day (working on a 5 day week).  If we take out days off,  including holidays and sick leave …. that was one lazy bastard.

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The Horror Of Hoarding

OMG, the body of a Las Vegas woman, missing for four months, has been found inside the labyrinth of squalor that was her house. Her Hubby, police and even  search dogs looked for Billy Jean James in the floor to ceiling house of junk but failed to find anything. It was only this week that Bill , her husband, noticed feet sticking out of a pile of junk. A police spokesman said “For our dogs to go through that house and not find something should be indicative of the tremendous environmental challenges they faced,” Sad.


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