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The Nicotine Made Me Do It

If you haven’t had a cigarette in 2 days  do you ring 911 and say a) you have witnessed a murder b) you’ve been stabbed c) I saw a woman get killed and buried or d) all of the above?  Alex Baker, who rang the Tennessee police three times, blamed his bad behavior on a nicotine fit. Dude just friggin smoke, jail ain’t worth it.

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Not The Smartest Way To Get Off Work Early

Hate work and want to go home early? Well, if you work at the Ministry of Justice in England you just make a few hoax bomb calls to get your wish. Andre Lake (26) had been working in the Youth Justice Office for 4 months but “no longer enjoyed his work, had no annual leave left and he wanted to leave early” so he made two 999 phone calls. Only problem was he made the calls from inside the friggin building and from areas that needed a swipe card for access. Areas he only had  accessed to at the time of the calls. Friggin dumbass Y gen!

Psst Well he can look on the bright side now, he doesn’t have to go to his shitty job no more!


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