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Friggin Hoax Flier!



Ain’t life a bitch, well for some residents of Huntly in New Zealand it is! Many residents spent the weekend dragging out all their useless pieces of junk from inside homes, sheds, garages and  backyards for the “Midwinter inorganic rubbish collection”. Streets and curb-sides were piled high with all sorts of crap, from old TV’s, vacuum cleaners, rusty wheelbarrows to the occasional disused toilet. Hmm, only problem, there was no a friggin rubbish collection! Oh yeah, that’s right, some little (big) shit had placed hoax fliers in people’s letterboxes reminding them of the inorganic rubbish collection that never was. They even went to the trouble of using the Waikato District Council’s logo to make it look authentic. But here is the big bummer. The council are refusing to pick up the mess, urging residents to ignore the flier and to drag their crap back from whence it came.


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